Friday, 23 March 2018

Statement of the International Central Committee for Songun Study on Foal Eagle and Key Resolve

                                     23rd of March Juche 107 (2018)

The US imperialists have now announced that the provocative and aggressive Foal Eagle and Key Resolve war exercises targeting the DPRK are going ahead from the 1st of April despite the relaxation of tensions on the Korean peninsula
  The DPRK has repeatedly condemned Foal Eagle and Key Resolve and asked for their discontinuation even offering to suspend nuclear and missile tests if the US agree to halt Foal Eagle and Key Resolve.
    Foal Eagle and Key Resolve are neither  "defensive " nor 'routine' as claimed . They include detailed plans for the rehearsal and invasion of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea of Korea. It is a nonsensical sophistry to assert that as they are "routine " so do not pose a threat. The analogy can be used of a fire drill in an office building or factory , these are not held for the sake of "routine" but as a practice for the real thing . It is the same with "Foal Eagle " and "Key Resolve.
   The US imperialists should not be holding military exercises on Korean soil many miles from its homeland . It is a grave violation of the sovereignty of the Korean nation.
   Foal Eagle and Key Resolve exercises aim at invading the DPRK and occupying it . They are aimed at destroying the socialist system of the DPRK . They are a grave challenge to the independence and sovereignty of the DPRK . Also Foal Eagle and Key Resolve  are a serious threat to peace in the Asia Pacific region .
   We call for the immediate cancellation of Foal Eagle and Key Resolve and the unconditional withdrawal of US troops from Korea . Moreover the world progressive and revolutionary people should unfold a strenuous campaign  against Foal Eagle and Key Resolve and for the withdrawal of US forces from south Korea  . Foal and Key Resolve must not go ahead


International Central Committee for Songun Study 
Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK
Association for the Study of Songun Politics of America
 Kenya Group for the Study of Songun Politics

Brazil Centre for the Study of Songun Politics
Bangladesh Group for the Study of Songun Politics
Nepal Association for Supporting Songun Polic

Incessant Candlelight Resistance

Incessant Candlelight Resistance  

It has been one year since Park Geun-hye was impeached.
On March 9, the People's Emergency Action for the Resignation of Park Geun-hye Regime held a news conference in front of the Sejeong Cultural Hall to declare continuous candlelight resistance for radical eradication of evils and social reform.
The April 16 Consultative Council of Families of Victims and the April 16 Solidarity held a rally at Gwanghwamun plaza in Seoul on March 10 on the lapse of one year of Park’s impeachment and four years of the Ferry Sewol disaster.
Four years have passed since the Ferry Sewol disaster, however, the cause of ferry sinking, media’s false report of “rescue of all people”, obstruction to activity and forced dismantlement of the ad hoc investigation committee for Ferry Sewol have not yet been proven, speakers said and stressed that Park is blame for it.
Murder is the greatest crime and Park should be hanged without delay not be condemned to thirty years imprisonment, they spoke with fervor.

 The bereaved families of Ferry Sewol and members of civic bodies chanted slogans “thorough investigation” and “punishment of those responsible for it”. They expressed their will to wrest all prices of the crimes committed by Park.
Now the south Koreans are launching a vigorous action to punish the conservative force which runs counter to the trend of the times, defames the spirit of the candlelight actions and tries to get out of bottomless predicament.  

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Popular Uprising on Jeju Island

Pyongyang, March 21 (KCNA) -- It was on April 3, 1948, 70 years ago, that a popular armed uprising was launched on Jeju Island of south Korea to oppose the "May 10 separate elections" by the U.S. imperialists and the Syngman Rhee puppet clique.

Jeju islanders turned out in the uprising at the signal of a torch on Mt Halla at 02:00 that day and bravely struggled against the U.S. imperialists and the Syngman Rhee puppet clique, shouting such slogans as "Resolute opposition to the separate elections and separate government" and "Long live national reunification!"

Much upset by this, the U.S. imperialists and their stooges scorched 295 villages or more than half of the island and cruelly killed at least 70 000 innocent people by mobilizing huge forces in a repressive operation. Anyhow, the "May 10 separate elections" on Jeju Island ended in failure.

The popular uprising on Jeju Island, a righteous anti-U.S. resistance for national salvation, displayed the unanimous desire and indomitable stamina of the south Korean people to reject the interference of foreign forces and achieve the independent reunification and sovereignty of the country after its liberation. So, people from all walks of life in south Korea are still holding events in memory of the victims on the anniversary of the uprising.

But the U.S. has not yet apologized for the massacre on the island and the conservative group tries to play down the historic significance of the uprising, calling it a "rebellion by the order of the north."

This is another unpardonable crime designed to justify their thrice-cursed crime and keep it buried into oblivion of history.

The south Korean people have been subjected to untold sufferings owing to the U.S. imperialists, chieftain of national division, and the conservative traitors who have flattered and yielded to them.

The U.S. imperialist aggressor forces massacred more than one million patriots and innocent people before the Korean War after the August 15 liberation of Korea. And they mercilessly killed at least 1.24 million peaceable residents across south Korea including Rogun-ri, Yongdong County, North Chungchong Province and Sinwon-myon, Kochang County, South Kyongsang Province during the three-year Korean War.

After the war, the U.S. has backed the brutal suppression of the struggle of the south Korean people aspiring after independence, democracy and reunification such as the April 19 popular uprising and the May 18 Kwangju popular uprising and encouraged the conservative group, a group of rare-to-be-seen fascists, in the operation to suppress the uprisings.

As was recently disclosed, the conservative group hatched a plot to suppress by the force of arms even the candlelight demonstrations of the south Korean people launched to oust traitor Park Geun Hye from power.

The conservative forces of south Korea had committed shocking atrocities in a bid to strengthen their system for domination and dictatorship and engaged themselves in smear campaigns such as "total denial" and the "north wind".

But, as was disclosed in 2000 that "evidence" related to the popular uprising on Jeju Island was cooked up by the Central Intelligence Agency, the schemes and atrocities of the U.S. and conservative group have been revealed with the passage of time.

The "Liberal Korea Party" and other conservative forces are remnants of the pro-U.S. stooges who brutally massacred the people on the island while acting as servants of the U.S. imperialists and turned south Korea into a graveyard of independence and democracy and a veritable hell. They are now striving for the revival of the pro-U.S. dictatorial rule, maliciously slandering the popular uprising on Jeju Island.

The U.S. imperialists and the south Korean conservatives are a group of the worst murderers and traitors in history, who leave no stone unturned to realize their criminal purposes.

All the facts show that neither national reunification nor genuine democracy in south Korean society can be realized with the U.S. and conservative group left intact.

In order to realize the aspiration of the martyrs of Jeju Island, the cherished desire of the nation, it is necessary to reject the domination and interference of foreign forces and resolutely smash pro-U.S. traitors' sycophancy and confrontation moves against the fellow countrymen.

Written by Ri Kyong Ju. -0-

ASSPUk,JISGE, UK KFA and BSCPRKP condemn Foal Eagle and Key Resolve war exercises


                  London 21st  of March  Juche 107(2018)
 The Association for the Study of Songun Politics(ASSPUK) , Juche Idea Study Group of England (JISGE), the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula (BSCPRKP) issued a statement today  condemning the Foal Eagle and Key Resolve joint military exercises to be held by the US
and south Korea on the Korean peninsula;
 Despite the thawing atmosphere on the Korean peninsula which included high level talks between the DPRK Supreme leader respected Marshal KIM JONG UN  and the envoys of the south Korean
president , the US and south Korean authorities have decided to hold Foal Eagle and Key Resolve
military exercises  from the 1st of April " on a similar scale to previous years "
  These exercises are an unwarranted challenge to the developing peace process on the Korean
peninsula.Included  in the exercises are landing craft operations. Clearly this is a rehearsal to invade People's Korea and destroy its socialist system .
  This kind of warmongering by the US imperialists are undermining the chances of the peace
on the Korean peninsula . It could result in tensions increasing to the point of near war again.
  We call for Foal Eagle and Key Resolve to be cancelled forthwith  !


The Stoke On Trent Branch of the Juche Idea Study Group of Britain extends its warmest greetings to the Board of Directors and to the Secretariat of the International Institute of the Juche Idea,  and to all Juche Idea advocates throughout the world. April 9th marks the date, forty years ago, when the study and dissemination of the Juche Idea became systematized in the form of the International Institute of the Juche Idea, based in Tokyo, Japan.

Since the late 1960s, the Juche Idea has been studied and promoted, beginning with the formation of the Group For The Study of the Works of Comrade Kim IL Sung in Mali. The study of the Juche Idea was being taken up by various strata of progressive people in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe, so the demand for an international coordinating centre became an urgent necessity. It was decided unanimously at the International Juche Idea Seminar held in Antananarivo, Madagascar in September 1976 to establish a global academic research institute in order to organise the work for the study, dissemination and application of the Juche philosophy. Due to the energetic activities of the famous Japanese scholar Kaoru Yasui and other Juche idea adherents, the International Institute of the Juche Idea was formed in Tokyo, Japan on April 9th, 1978. The Inagurual Declaration of the IIJI entitled "The Juche Idea - The Sacred Banner of the Age of Independence" adopted by the founding congress of the organisation. The IIJI's first declaration proclaimed to the world that the flame of Juche was spreading globally and the International Institute of the Juche Idea would do it's utmost to propagate the Juche Idea to the progressive peoples.

Over the past 40 years, the International Institute of the Juche Idea has conducted vigorous and varied activities in its mission to study and disseminate the Juche Idea. Scientific seminars on the Juche Idea are regularly held on an international and regional scale, including the World Juche Idea Congress in April 2012. Representatives from our local branch and from our National Organisation, have had the privilege of participating in the International Juche Idea seminars organised by the IIJI and exchanging experiences with our fellow Juche Idea researchers from different countries. The publication of "Study Of The Juche Idea". "Hakuho pocketbooks" and the website by the IIJI have increased the accessibility of the Juche Idea to the international community. Our branch will always venerate the memory of the IIJI's late Director-General  Doctor Vishwanath and appreciates the efforts of Ogami Kenichi, Jose Francisco Aguliar Bulgarelli, Harish Gupta, Edmond Jove, and other IIJI Directors.

The thirst for a new progressive ideology reflecting the requirements of the 21st century is needed by the peoples who desire peace, independence and social justice. Answering this challenge, the Juche Idea provides a route map and guide for the goals of national and social liberation to be realised. The works of Kim IL Sung, of Kim Jong IL and of Kim Jong Un provide an encyclopaedia of theories and thoughts showing the path to genuine human emancipation. The Stoke On Trent Branch of the Juche Idea Study Group hopes that the work of the International Institute of the Juche Idea gains further success in its vital activities and wishes for closer cooperation between the IIJI and the Juche Idea Study Group of Britain. We call upon the all progressive political activists, academics and students in Britain to take up the study of the Juche Idea and to disseminate it far and wide, and to work with the IIJI for the common objective of global independence!



Issued by the  Stoke On Trent Branch of the Juche Idea Study Group of Britain.

Statement of the Juche Idea Study Group of England on the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the International Institute of the Juche Idea


 London 21st of March Juche 107(2018)

The Juche Idea Study Group of England (JISGE) today issued a statement on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the International Institute of the Juche Idea on the 9th of April.
  Following the international seminars on the Juche Idea that were held in September 1976 in
Antananarivo in the Democratic Republic of Madagascar and the historic international seminar on
the Juche Idea and in Pyongyang in September 1977 a decision was taken to establish an international co-ordination and guidance body for the study and dissemination of the Juche . The Pyongyang
international seminar  on the Juche Idea in 1977 was attended by 89 delegations from 73 countries, a fact that reflected the growing attraction and significance of the Juche idea . The seminar declared that "ours is a new era of history , the era of independence , in which the people, once oppressed and humiliated have emerged as masters of the world and are hewing out their destinies independently and creatively " . The seminar adopted a declaration calling for the formation of an international
body for the study and dissemination of the Juche Idea . Thus in April in 1978 the International Institute of the Juche Idea(IIJI), with its headquarters in Tokyo , was founded amidst great acclaim. Veteran Juche Idea followers such as  Kaoru Yasui and Genaro Carnero Checa played a big role
in the foundation as did the Indian public figure Dr Vishwanath .
    The foundation of the IIJI fully reflected the fact that the Juche Idea had spread beyond the borders of Korea and had taken root in many countries of the world . The first Juche Idea study group was
formed in Mali, Africa in 1969 and Juche Idea Study Groups were formed in many countries of the world. Delegation after delegation visited Pyongyang . Revolutionaries in many countries earnestly sought the writings of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung .
  Without a doubt the IIJI has played the vanguard role in the study and dissemination of the Juche Idea . Figures of the IIJI such as the late director general Dr Vishwanath and secretary general
Ogami Kenichi have worked tirelessly to promote the Juche idea. The IIJI has organised world Congresses on the Juche Idea , International and regional seminars involving many people including leading academic and political figures.
 Our Juche Idea Study Group of England has participated in the events held by the International
Institute of the Juche Idea . We participated in the World Congress for Anti-imperialism and independence held in Caracas, Venezuela in 2005  and a delegation of the Juche Idea Study Group
of England was greatly honoured to participate in the World Congress of the Juche Idea in April 2012 and speak at it . We also participated in European Regional Seminars on the Juche Idea in 2003,
2014 and 2017.
   We always remember the teaching of Dr Vishwanath the late director general of the IIJI " study the
Juche Idea , it costs you nothing but will pay in plenty " .
  The Juche Idea Study Group of England salutes the IIJI on the 40th anniversary of its foundation
and wishes it every success for the future.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

KCNA Blasts Dishonest Forces' Distortion of Truth

Pyongyang, March 20 (KCNA) -- The Korean Central News Agency issued a commentary titled "Truth Must Not Be Distorted with Sheer Sophism" on Tuesday.

The commentary noted that thanks to the proactive measure and peace-loving proposal made by the DPRK, dramatic atmosphere for reconciliation has been created in relations between the north and the south of Korea and there has been a sign of change also in the DPRK-U.S. relations.

At this time, the dishonest forces in the U.S. and Japan and the conservative group of south Korea are peddling groundless stories distorting the truth in a bid to mislead public opinion, the commentary said, citing facts.

It went on:

Incumbent and former officials and experts of the U.S. have become vocal, claiming that "north Korea took a change-about attitude even though the U.S. did not make any concession", "Trump's high-intensity sanctions and pressure strategy proves effective" and "it is a sign that north Korea has reached a limit beyond which it can no longer sustain itself", in an attempt to meet their own interests.

The Abe group, which is left alone as a result of the unexpected sudden change in the situation of the Korean peninsula, claims that "north Korea's dialogue and peace offensive is a result of the sustained pressure put by the international community" and "hasty dialogue would mean being taken in by north Korea's strategy of gaining time" and that "sanctions should never be slackened under any circumstances".

In the meantime, the conservatives of south Korea including the "Liberal Korea Party", conservative media and self-professed experts are reeling off invective that "it is a trite method for the north to opt for dialogue whenever it finds itself in a fix", "it is camouflaged peace offensive" and "it is aimed to make a crack in south Korea-U.S. alliance and to seek lift of sanctions".

The great change in the north-south relations is not an accidental one but a noble fruition made thanks to the DPRK's proactive measure, warm compatriotism and will for defending peace. Such an event as today could be possible as the DPRK's dignity has remarkably risen and it has strong might.

Such rubbish as "result of sanctions and pressure" and sort of "limit" spread by the hostile forces is just as meaningless as a dog barking at the moon.

The economy of the DPRK is rising, not sitting down as claimed by the riff-raffs, and is being put on a Juche and modern basis. Sci-tech achievements and models have been created in different parts of the country, promising the bright future for the improvement of the people's living standard.

It is by no means accidental that the public at home and abroad are unanimously commenting that the dialogue peace offensive of the DPRK is an expression of self-confidence as it has acquired everything it desires.

It is really an expression of small-mindedness for the riff-raffs to spoil the atmosphere and say this or that even before the parties concerned are given a chance to study the inner thoughts of the other side and are seated at a negotiating table.

We do like to remind that it is time for all to approach everything with prudence with self-control and patience.

The fault-finders have to face up to the unanimous demand of the public at home and abroad for the improvement of the north-south relations and for peace on the Korean peninsula and stop the mean act of distorting truth. -0-