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Full Video DPRK Massive Artillery Drill With Seoul Target [CC]

For democracy in south Korea

For democracy in south Korea
The 1 119th Thursday meeting took place in Seoul on April 20 in demand of the release of prisoners of conscience and the abrogation of the "Security Law".
Speakers at the meeting called on the people to pool their efforts to elect as "president" such person who is ready to set free the prisoners of conscience and abrogate the “SL”.
Saying that the south Korean authorities imposed penalty upon the correspondents who worked hard to inform the people of the truth on charge of “SL”, they criticized it as violation of the people’s right.
Correct understanding of north Korea is a very important, however, the south Korean authorities have punished the people by invoking the “SL”, they charged that it arrests social progress and independent reunification.
They urged the "presidential" candidates to commit themselves to repealing the law.
The candlelight revolution is not finished and they should hold the candlelight for the abolition of “SL” and liquidation of corruption and irregularities, they noted.
They called for the people to launch campaign to realize genuine democracy and reunification.
The riot police, which have clamped down the one-person demo in the vicinity of US embassy in Seoul and people defending the girl statue in front of the Japanese consulate general in Busan, are target of action, they said.
On April 24, 12 105 people of all social strata in North Cheolla Province held a press conference at which they pointed out that the 19th presidential election should serve as a turning point in removing evils and making a new society in the spirit of the candlelight action.
They demanded immediate abolition of the “SL” hindering inter-Korean exchange and democratic development.

They said that they should remember suffering of the people experienced in history of division and confrontation, calling upon the people to make a fresh history of peace and reunification. 

Friday, 28 April 2017

Single-hearted United Invincible Revolutionary Army

Single-hearted United Invincible Revolutionary Army
Since its foundation on April 25, 1932, the invincible Korean People’s Army has won a series of victories in the sharp confrontation with the formidable imperialists.
The military parade held on the Day of the Sun this year startled the world, demonstrating tremendous military muscle of the KPA.
Admiring the powerful might of the KPA defending the socialism firmly in defiance of high-handedness and outrage of the US-led imperialist allied forces, the world people want to know the source of its might.
It is the political and ideological superiority of servicemen who are ready to lay down their lives for the leader, country and people. The root of it is the affection and trust between the supreme commander and servicemen.
Regarding the affection for and trust in the servicemen as the basis of building up the revolutionary armed forces, supreme commander Kim Jong Un bestows his great and deep affection on them. The existence and building up of the KPA and victorious advance of Songun-based revolutionary cause are unthinkable without the prominent leadership and benevolent care of the supreme commander.
The entire army is brimming over with the revolutionary soldier spirit, the core of which is the soldiers’ absolute trust in and loyalty to their supreme commander. All the soldiers trust in their supreme commander and follow him, regarding him as their father, as the mainstay of their destiny, and are firmly rallied behind him. A well-regulated system whereby the entire army moves as one under the supreme commander’s order has been established, and all the officers and men are prepared to dedicate even their lives to their supreme commander.
South Korean people stint no words in praising the KPA. They admire that it is the only ranks full of affection and trust led by supreme commander Kim Jong Un.
No one in the world can break this steady ranks rallied with affection and trust.
Now, the KPA gets united around the supreme commander and is equipped with nuclear arms for self-defense. While the US and south Korean bellicose forces stage the largest-ever war drills against the DPRK with nukes, the strongest KPA smashes the enemy's aggressive maneuvers at every step to safeguard the dignity and security of the country with honor.
Under the wise leadership of supreme commander Kim Jong Un, unparalleled illustrious commander, the KPA will win victory after victory.

Indiscreet Act

Indiscreet Act
Days ago, the south Korean pugnacious force launched joint firing exercise at an artillery range in Pocheon of Gyeonggi Province together with the US troops.
The maneuver involved huge forces and war hardware including “A-10” and “F-15K” fighters, Apache helicopters, tanks and armored vehicles of the US forces in south Korea and south Korean troops.
Involved there was the Stryker, a swift-response brigade, that has gained notoriety in the past wars.
The south Korean warmongers have painted its joint military drill as a "defensive one," to cope with provocation of the DPRK, however, it is an actual maneuvers for mounting a preemptive strike on the latter.
The US and south Korean air forces have launched Max Thunder, the largest-ever aerial exercise from April 14 to 28.
To be involved in the drill are over one hundred planes including “F-15K”, “KF-16” and “F-16”.
The situation on the Korean Peninsula is volatile as the US has conducted Foal Eagle joint military rehearsal, while advertising the “preemptive attack” on the DPRK.
However, the US and south Korean warlike elements fail to face up the trend of the times, acting with indiscretion.
The DPRK has already declared its toughest counteraction to answer an all-out war for all-out war and a nuclear war with annihilating nuclear strike.

The US and south Korean bellicose forces should aware of their foolhardy war games against the DPRK to only precipitate their self-destruction. 

Israeli Defense Minister Denounced for Hurting Dignity of Supreme Leadership of DPRK

Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK Friday gave the following answer to the question put by KCNA with regard to the reckless remarks of the defense minister of Israel hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK:
    On April 25, the defense minister of Israel said, when interviewed by a media, that Israel is directly affected by the standoff between the DPRK and the U.S., and dared hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.
    The reckless remarks of the Israeli defense minister are sordid and wicked behavior and grave challenge to the DPRK.
    Israel is the only illegal possessor of nukes in the Middle East under the patronage of the U.S. However, Israel vociferated about the nuclear deterrence of the DPRK, slandering it, whenever an opportunity presented itself. This is the cynical ploy to escape the world denunciation and curse as disturber of peace in the Middle East, occupier of the Arab territories and culprit of crimes against humanity.
    The DPRK, from its principled stand on valuing independence, justice and peace, is fully supporting the struggle of the Palestinian people to achieve the legitimate rights including regaining of the occupied territories and establishing of an independent state with Kuds as its capital and the struggle of the Syrian and other Arab people in the Middle East to protect their sovereignties, stability and peace.
    The root cause of the grave situation on the Korean peninsula is the ever-worsening U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK and ceaseless nuclear threats, sanctions and pressure on it century after century.
    The DPRK's access to nuclear weapons is the legitimate exercise of its righteous right for self-defence to cope with the U.S. provocative moves for aggression and the DPRK's nuclear force is the treasured sword of justice firmly defending peace on the Korean peninsula and in the region.
    It is the steadfast will and spirit of the service personnel and people of the DPRK to give merciless, thousand-fold punishment to whoever dares hurt the dignity of its supreme leadership.
    Israel would be well advised to think twice about the consequences to be entailed by its smear campaign against the DPRK to cover up the crimes of occupying Arab territories and disturbing peace process in the Middle East. -0-

U.S. Administration's Strong-arm Policy Can Never Work on DPRK: KCNA Commentary

 Pyongyang, April 28 (KCNA) -- The U.S. test-launched a Minuteman-3 ICBM at an airbase in California at dawn of Wednesday, simulating a "strike on Pyongyang," amid the tensions running high on the Korean peninsula.
    The test-fire, timed to coincide with the earlier-than-scheduled deployment of THAAD equipment and the arrival of the Carl Vinson nuclear aircraft carrier at the East Sea of Korea, makes the world see once again who is to blame for the deteriorating situation on the Korean peninsula.
    It is just the U.S. which has pushed the situation on the peninsula to the brink of nuclear war by staging the largest-ever aggressive joint military drills against the DPRK for the past two months after bringing all sorts of nuclear strategic assets to south Korea.
    The DPRK already filed complaints with the UN Security Council more than once against the U.S. hostile policy which compelled the DPRK to have access to nukes, and the nuclear threat and blackmail vividly manifested in the U.S.-led provocative and aggressive large-scale military drills targeting the DPRK.
    However, the UNSC turned down every complaint but adopted a "resolution" prohibiting the DPRK from taking steps for self-defence without any ground in the light of international law. Worse still, it has neither taken issue with the U.S. over its nuclear threat to other country and missile attack on a non-nuclear state nor faulted its frequent ICBM test-launches.
    It is, indeed, preposterous for the U.S. and its vassal forces to urge the DPRK to "cogitate" while condemning the step taken by the DPRK to bolster its nuclear deterrent for "self-defence" as a "threat" and sidestepping the root cause of the critical situation on the Korean peninsula.
    No one in the world welcomes a gangster blackmailing the owner with a dagger.
    It is an entirely legitimate right to self-defence for the DPRK to further increase its war deterrent to cope with the prevailing grave situation on the peninsula.
    The present reality clearly proves that the DPRK was so right when it made a crucial decision to strengthen its nuclear force in quality and quantity under the uplifted banner of simultaneously developing the two fronts.
    The nuclear force of the DPRK is a treasure sword of justice and reliable war deterrent to defend the sovereignty and dignity of the country and global peace from the nuclear war threat posed by the U.S.
    In case a war breaks out on the peninsula, the U.S. will be held wholly accountable for it, no matter who made preemptive attack. It is because the U.S. has caused troubles by bringing a lot of nuclear strategic assets and special warfare means to strike the DPRK, not content with steady escalation of its hostile policy toward the DPRK.
    Nonsensical and absurd is the policy of "maximum pressure and engagement" worked out by the Trump administration without any elementary sense about reality.
    The Trump administration had better not forget the fact that the reason of the failure of all DPRK policies of its predecessors, notably the hard-line hostile policy, lie in their misjudgment of the DPRK, and that what they faced for the wrong policies were bitter defeats only.
    The U.S. sustained the first defeat since its foundation for igniting a war in the 1950s, being ignorant of its opponent. It was made to sign a written apology for the first time in its history. They were all natural outcome of the DPRK-U.S. standoff.
    How can one call the U.S. a normal country as it desperately persists in hostile policy toward the DPRK despite bitter defeats?
    The more desperately the U.S. resorts to its moves hostile to the DPRK, the stronger the latter becomes. The U.S. ever-increasing military threat makes the latter's fortitude and retaliatory capability get stronger.
    If the U.S. persists in playing chicken to test the will and perseverance of the DPRK, it will be made to actually experience what a real war is like. -0-

Miserable End of Anti-Popular Dictator

North Korean video shows destruction of USS Carl Vinson & Capitol

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Press Statement of DPRK Permanent Mission to UN

  Pyongyang, April 27 (KCNA) -- The DPRK permanent mission to the United Nations on Wednesday released a press statement.
    Recalling that the UN Security Council turned away from the request of the DPRK made in March to raise an issue of U.S.-south Korea joint military exercises to be discussed immediately, the statement said this clearly shows once again that the UNSC has turned into a political tool of a certain power, throwing away all its mandate and trust of international community.
    It went on to say:
    By adopting illegal "sanction resolutions" so far, the UNSC has taken issue with the DPRK over its righteous self-defensive measures taken to safeguard its sovereignty, dignity and security.
    It is the reality of the UNSC at present that any legitimate exercise of sovereignty by an independent state is branded as "illegal" and any of its counter measure for self-defense as "provocative", while the U.S.-south Korea joint military exercises, root cause for aggravation of the tension on the Korean peninsula, are connived openly by double standard unilaterally set by the U.S. in its interests.
    The behavior based on unfairness and double standard of the UNSC which plays totally to the tune of the U.S. proves once again that the DPRK has been entirely righteous when it has been increasing in every way its military capabilities for self-defense and preemptive attack with nuclear force as its pivot.
    Now the Trump administration is trying to bring the DPRK into submission by deploying nuclear aircraft carrier strike groups one after another to the waters off the Korean peninsula, but such kind of intimidation and blackmail can never frighten the DPRK.
    It is the unshakable will of the DPRK to go to the end if the U.S. wants to remain unchanged in its confrontational stance.
    Our toughest counteractions will include a surprise preemptive attack involving maneuvers on the ground, in seas, under waters and in the air and various other methods and the Korean-style tough counter-actions will be promptly taken to cope with the provocations of any forms and levels from the U.S.
    The world will clearly witness this time the fact that the days are gone never to return when the U.S. used to impose its will upon other countries.
    The DPRK, as a peace-loving socialist state, highly values peace, but it neither fears a war nor wants to avoid it.
    As it has a powerful nuclear deterrent to protect itself from the U.S. nuclear threats, the DPRK will readily react to an all-out war with an all-out war, a nuclear war with nuclear strikes of its own style and surely win a victory in the death-defying struggle against the U.S. imperialists. -0-

CPRC Policy Department Spokesman Warns Hwang Kyo An Not to Do Reckless Act

 Pyongyang, April 27 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Policy Department of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country of the DPRK (CPRC) Thursday made public a statement denouncing Hwang Kyo An, puppet acting president of south Korea, for frantically making confrontation racket losing control of himself.
    Days ago, traitor Hwang convened a "state council meeting" at which he said "the north may make sixth nuclear test or other provocations on the anniversary of the People's Army" and "the north will face tougher counteraction if it makes reckless provocation". Even he cried out for the "impregnable combat-readiness".
    "South Korea is making close discussion with the U.S. on the possible provocation by the north," he said, adding that "it would lay foundation for settlement of the nuclear issue of the north through diplomatic efforts with the neighboring country."
    On Wednesday, frightened by the combined fire demonstration of the services of the Korean People's Army the U.S. and south Korean warmongers hastily launched "2017 combined firepower annihilating drill". Hwang appeared there and let his stooge to utter that they "displayed the might and showed strong capability for retaliatory punishment and annihilation."
    The spokesman said:
    Even the master U.S., much upset by the rapidly developing nuclear attack capability of the DPRK, is flustering by hurling its strategic assets. It is ridiculous for the south Korean puppet group to vociferate about "retaliatory punishment."
    What Hwang is behaving reveals the uneasiness of the south Korean conservative group who have been isolated and rejected as the days go by and betrays his sinister ploy to rally the conservative forces by inciting security crisis ahead of the "presidential election".
    No matter how Hwang may noisily cry out for confrontation, it is nothing but last-ditch effort of the fear-stricken one in the position of late fall. Nobody would lend an ear to him.
    If the south Korean puppet group dare make provocation depending on the U.S. master, they will perish in the face of the merciless strikes by the Korean People's Army.
    Hwang would be well advised to know that his foolish and reckless confrontation racket will end in a miserable death. -0-

ASSPUK, JISGE , UK KFA and UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu support the article "Are you good at dancing to the tune of others" by Jong Phil

London 27th  of April Juche 106(2017)
 The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) , the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu today issued the following joint statement in support of the excellent article of the  Rodong Sinmun  "Are you good at dancing to the tune of others" by Jong Phil:
  This is another excellent article by the DPRK political analyst which exposes the moves of the big power chauvinists and international revisionists who have sided with the US imperialists against
People's Korea.It is absolutely disgusting that these revisionists , these traitors to socialism , are trying to apply sanctions against People's Korea and have dared take issue with the independent and sovereign right of the DPRK to nuclear deterrence and to test ballistic missiles.
  The article rightly points out that "The DPRK has been so far exposed to economic sanctions but it has kept to the path of justice chosen by it with its own efforts.
The present world ruled by the jungle law makes the DPRK realize once again the iron truth that there is nothing but its own strength to rely on and that self-reliance and self-development are the only way out."

 We applaud this statement. It is very true. No matter who applies sanctions against the DPRK  it will truimph and build socialism successfully. Indeed the more sanctions that the imperialists and big power chauvinists pile on  the more stronger and purer Juche socialism will become! The DPRK will defend its dignity and build a paradise for the people with its own efforts, rallied close around the respected Marshal KIM JONG UN.
  As for the big country that is shamefully imposing sanctions on People's Korea it will be condemned by history as the biggest traitors, sell-outs and revisionists that dance to the tune of others.
UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu



Comrade Chairman,
Honoured Academicians of KASS

Firstly, please allow me to say how great it is to be here in Pyongyang, the capital of Juche Korea, the capital of the world’s most independent and anti-imperialist country, to celebrate the 105th anniversary of the birth of the great leader President Kim Il Sung and the 5th anniversary of the election of the dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN as the supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
The great leader President KIM IL SUNG led the anti-imperialist national liberation struggle of the Korean people against Japanese imperialism and won independence for the Korean people. They became masters of their own destiny .President KIM IL SUNG authored the Juche Idea the acme of progressive ideas of humanity.  He was the founder of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the founder of the great Workers’ Party of Korea .Throughout his life President KIM IL SUNG was a tireless fighter against US imperialism and also against modern revisionism and all forms of opportunism. The great leader President KIM IL SUNG was indeed a giant of the international communist movement and its elder statesman. He was a true people’s leader who always mixed with the people and believed that “The people are my god “.President KIM IL SUNG established an advanced socialist system in Korea centred upon the popular masses making Korea into the model country of socialism. President KIM IL SUNG was the greatest of great leaders.
The Juche revolutionary cause of the great leaders President KIM IL SUNG and Chairman KIM JONG IL is today continued by the dear respected leader Marshal KIM JONG UN, the Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN who embodies the true spirit of Mt Paektu  is leading the Korean revolution forward at Mallima speed by applying the self-development first idea and the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance .  The self-development first idea is an application of the great Juche idea.
As dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN stressed "Worship of big countries and dependence on foreign forces is the road to national ruin; self-development alone is the road to sustaining the dignity of our country and our nation and to paving a broad avenue for the revolution and construction”
These are very wise words spoken by dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN who is distinguishing himself as a great leader of the Korean people. In order to successfully carry out the revolution and construction the worship of big countries and dependence on foreign forces must be  absolutely rejected.  Following the twists and turns of the big powers only leads to defeat in the revolution and dependence on foreign forces is the road to ruin as shown by the experience of those countries that have depended on outside forces . Juche Korea is a shining beacon of independence that is defying the US imperialists and the big power chauvinists.
 Today inspired by the Juche idea and upholding the self-development first idea the Korean people are forging ahead in the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance . In the years since the holding of the holding of the historic World Juche Congress  the progress of the DPRK has been beyond remarkable , it has been truly spectacular , street after street has been completed and everything  all kinds of cultural and recreational facilities have been created . Moreover the Korean people are carrying out the line of simultaneously the building of the economy and nuclear force in parallel as decided by the March 2013 plenary meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Several nuclear tests including the test of the Hydrogen bomb have been carried out and the DPRK has considerably upgraded its ballistic missile technology. Thus the self-defence capabilities of the DPRK have grown meaning that the DPRK can honourably defend its independence against the aggression of US imperialism. This is testimony to the validity and durability of the Juche Idea and Songun Idea.
 The socialism of Juche  in People’s Korea is a most superior people centred socialism in which  people enjoy virtually free of charge housing , free medical care, free education, full employment and social insurance without paying a penny of tax.
Seeing the great achievements of Juche Korea which are made despite the unprecedentedly harsh sanctions and blockades of the US imperialists and other hostile forces we have been become even more firmly of the absolute truth of Juche, believing that it is the ideology that everyone should follow. There is no doubt that the Juche Idea is the most revolutionary anti-imperialist idea that shows the way to independence and liberation as well as the building of a new society that is free from exploitation , oppression ,domination and subjugation . The Juche Idea is valid not just for the Korean people or the third world but for also for the people of the imperialist countries as well. The imperialists and reactionaries oppose the Juche Idea but its attraction is growing stronger and stronger even though the enemy does everything to obstruct the study of the Juche Idea.
Therefore we resolve to further expand our study and dissemination of the Juche idea , the great idea that lights the way to independence.  Over the past year the Juche Idea Study Group of England and Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK have found new ways of improving our study of the Juche Idea such as organising seminars using Skype(video link) in addition to our  seminars and meetings . It is a very important task devolving on us Juche Idea and Songun idea followers in the UK to massively expand our activities in studying the Juche idea both in scope and depth. We plan to further expand our activities over the coming year.
These days the independence of Juche Korea has come under harsh and abnormal attack by the US imperialists as well as the big power chauvinists and international revisionists, who had betrayed the cause of socialism and long time ago. The US imperialists and their followers have imposed sanctions after sanctions either through the UNSC or independently. Together with their south Korean puppets they have carried out large scale military exercises against the DPRK . They have also created the anti-DPRK human rights campaign .
It is therefore an important task to increase our activities in to defend the independence of Juche Korea against this unprecedented threat. In the UK we have had pickets of the US and south Korean puppet embassies as well as the British defence ministry and the Malaysian embassy. We must step up this kind of activity and we urge Juche Idea followers and true friends of Juche Korea in other countries to do the same. Defence of Juche Korea should be the number one priority of progressive people throughout the globe.
We hope that this gathering will make a grand and significant contribution to the study and dissemination of the Juche Idea and the defence of the independence of Juche Idea!

Ever-growing Drive

Ever-growing Drive
South Korean people’s action against the planned US deployment of THAAD that disturbs peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and the northeast Asia is getting fiercer.
The chairman of the Seongju Committee for Struggle against THAAD Deployment, at a rally held under the sponsorship of the People's Emergency Action for Resignation of the Park Geun-hye Regime on April 1 in Seoul, said that the Seongju inhabitants have conducted uninterrupted action since Seongju was chosen as the site for THAAD deployment, adding that the US is not a friendly nation but the occupying nation.
During the rally, the participants shouted “Stop illegal introduction of THAAD”, carrying balloons written “No THAAD”.
The Seongju Committee for Struggle against THAAD Deployment, the Gimcheon Citizens Measure Committee against THAAD Deployment and other organizations called a press conference on March 28 to urge the "National Assembly" to halt the deployment of THAAD.
Speakers said that some equipment for the deployment of THAAD was introduced into south Korea even before the site for the deployment was offered to the US forces, adding it is all illegal actions.
The "National Assembly" together with “Constitutional Court” should put brake on the government’s unilateral decision to introduce THAAD, they contended.
Noting it is an illegal act that the ministry of national defense is going to deploy THAAD without consensus of the people, they should saddle the minister of national defense with responsibility for the projected deployment of THAAD, they said.
They contended that the NA should form an ad hoc committee at once to demanding the disclosure of information by all means and opt for comprehensive verification.
At the end of the press conference, the members of the organizations presented a paper signed by more than 6 200 citizens to the NA, demanding a stop to the deployment of THAAD.
On March 29, inhabitants of Seongju county of North Gyeongsang Province sent away the trucks loaded with equipment for the deployment of THAAD on the road leading to the Seongju golf course when the south Korean authorities had sent them.
The south Korean authorities, trumpeting about “importance of security”, are getting frantic in their move to deploy THAAD.

The above-said fact shows the south Korean authorities keen on introducing THAAD for the sake of interest and security of the US and inter-Korean confrontation, are a perfidious group. 

Handcuffed Park Geun-hye

Handcuffed Park Geun-hye
Park Geun-hye, who took office through illegal means and inflicted misfortunes and miseries upon south Korean people for four years, was sent to Seoul detention house on March 31 after the lapse of 21 days since she was impeached.
Park was deprived of the privileges of her former presidency and will face additional investigation of the Prosecution Service and stand trial in custody.
She was derided as ousted president for the first time in history and left a stigma to be brought into custody third in the wake of former presidents Chun Doo-hwan and Rho Tae-woo.
Thirteen accomplices including her closest acquaintance Choi Soon-sil, Lee Chae-young, vice-chairman of Samsung Electronics Co., Kim Gi-choon, former presidential chief of staff of Cheongwadae and Cho Yun-sun, former minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism have been confined in Seoul detention house.
The emergency people's action for the resignation of the Park Geun-hye regime, civic organizations and majority of the people welcomed the arrest of Park and asserted it is no wonder that Park is placed under arrest and her arrest is the beginning of eliminating her deep-rooted evils. The opposition parties strongly demanded stern punishment of Park, saying her arrest is due result of law, principle and people’s intention and the first step to build a clean and fair society.
The emergency people's action for the resignation of the Park Geun-hye regime held a rally at Gwanghwamun Plaza, Seoul, on April 1. It called for building a new democratic society in which democracy, equality and fairness are realized.
Park’s confinement is a stern punishment by history and people to her who had resorted to anti-popular policy, abuse of power and graft, pro-US sycophancy and inter-Korean confrontation.

Carry on Candlelight Action!

Carry on Candlelight Action!
The 21st all-people action was launched in Seoul on March 25 with 100 000 people of various circles involved under the sponsorship of the People's Emergency Action for Forcing the Park Geun-hye Regime to Step Down.
There took place a ceremony of the 15th anniversary of trade unions of public service at the rally. .
The speakers, at the ceremony, highly praised the trade unions that has conducted continuous drive in the teeth of suppression of the south Korean authorities and noted they would make joint efforts to liquidate seven decades-long evils.
They said that the public officials and teachers are deprived of their political liberty and stressed that they would make strenuous efforts to reinstate laid-off workers and write a new history of labor through a general strike to be scheduled in July.
They called for a vigorous struggle in reliance on the unionists and the trade unions.
It demanded solution to wage disparity, guarantee of a stable workplace and establishment of social security network on unstable job according to sexes.
Citizens gathered at an incense-burning altar for dead of ferry Sewol to hold candlelight action.
Noting that Park was ousted by strong demand and action of the public and ferry Sewol was refloated, they said it is fortunate that Sewol is salvaged.
People of various circles gathered at a square with candle in their hands to hold a meeting.
The bereaved families of ferry Sewol said that the salvage of ferry Sewol after Park’s retirement is attributable to candlelight action of the people, lamenting there are too many deep-rooted evils to be eliminated.
Students from Seoul National University and other universities stated that they gathered at the plaza again deposing Park to build a new society quite different from the Park government.
They said that Park was ousted from the Blue House, however, her vestiges undermine south Korea, calling for liquidating remaining deep-rooted evils through a unremitting candlelight action.
They chanted slogans “Never tolerate interruption of investigation”, “Ferry Sewol was refloated. Arrest Park” and “Truth never sinks and punish the accomplices”.
After the end of the rally, they marched toward the official residence of prime minister and every direction of Seoul.

Candlelight actions were also held in Gwangju and other parts of south Korea that day in demand of a probe into the truth behind the ferry Sewol disaster and detention of Park. 

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Kim Jong Un Supervises Combined Fire Demonstration of KPA Services

 Pyongyang, April 26 (KCNA) -- Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK, supervised the combined fire demonstration of the services of the Korean People's Army in celebration of its 85th founding anniversary.
    At 10 a.m. he arrived at the airport in the eastern front.

    He was greeted by KPA Vice Marshal Hwang Pyong So, director of the General Political Bureau of the KPA; KPA Vice Marshal Ri Myong Su, chief of the KPA General Staff; and Army General Pak Yong Sik, minister of the People's Armed Forces.

    Kim Jong Un received a salute from Army Col. General Pak Jong Chon, director of Artillery Bureau of the KPA.

    He reviewed the parade of the service personnel of the Navy and the Air and Anti-Air Force and elite Artillery Forces of the KPA that lined up for the combined fire demonstration.

    After receiving the report on the plan for the combined fire demonstration of services of the KPA on the watch post, he gave an order to start the fire demonstration.

    Submarines rapidly submerged to make torpedo-attacks at the "enemy" warships while fighters and bombers made zero feet flight above the sea to drop bombs on the targets.

    Watching the exciting scenery, he praised the seamen of submarines and pilots for hitting targets every time.

    More than 300 large-caliber self-propelled guns lined up along the coast opened fire all at once.

    The brave artillerymen mercilessly and satisfactorily hit the targets and the gunshots were very correct, he said, adding that they showed well the volley of gunfire of our a-match-for-a-hundred artillery force giving merciless punishment to the hostile forces.

    The largest-ever combined fire demonstration of the KPA services in celebration of its 85th founding anniversary was the humblest reverence for President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il, founder and builder of the revolutionary armed forces, and the infinite glory of the powerful revolutionary Paektusan army, he said, expressing great satisfaction over the successful demonstration and highly praised the feats of the service personnel who took part in the exercise.

    The revolutionary armed forces, which started with two pistols and covered 85-year-long way of victory, have been developed into the matchless strong army equipped with latest attack means and they are fully displaying the might of the revolutionary Party's army at the forefront in defending of the country and building of a prosperous country, he said. He warmly congratulated all the service personnel of the KPA on its founding anniversary.

    He stressed that as long as there is the heroic Korean People's Army, boundlessly faithful to the Party the socialist motherland is impregnable and a new morning of the final victory will break. -0-        (2017.04.26)

DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hits out at UNSC's Partiality

Pyongyang, April 26 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK gave the following answer to a question put up by KCNA Wednesday in connection with a meeting of the UN Security Council the U.S. plans to convene, terming the step taken by the DPRK to bolster its nuclear deterrent a "threat":
    Taking an opportunity of holding chairmanship of the UNSC in April, the U.S. is going to convene a meeting of the UNSC over the issue of denuclearization of the DPRK.
    Irony is that the U.S., which is wholly to blame for pushing the situation on the Korean peninsula to the brink of a nuclear war by staging the largest-ever joint aggression military drills against the DPRK for the past two months after bringing all sorts of nuclear strategic assets to south Korea, is orchestrating the farce of hyping up "threat" from someone.
    This is reminiscent of the guilty party filing the suit first.
    The U.S. once put up the signboard of "nuclear disarmament" and "world without nuclear weapons" only to deceive the world public. Now it is modernizing its nuclear weapons by spending a trillion U.S. dollars in a bid to secure a nuclear edge. Such direct acts of proliferating nukes should be taken issue with before tabling the denuclearization of the DPRK.
    The nuclear force of the DPRK just serves as a treasured sword of justice and creditable war deterrent to protect the sovereignty and dignity of the country and global peace from the U.S. threat to ignite a nuclear war.
    The steps taken by the DPRK to bolster its nuclear deterrent is an exercise of its legitimate right to self-defence in accordance with the UN Charter and international law. No one is entitled to fault it.
    The government of the DPRK filed complaint with the UNSC several times against the U.S. hostile policy, which caused the DPRK's access to nukes, and the provocative and aggressive large-scale joint military drills, the clearest manifestation of the U.S. nuclear threat and blackmail.
    However, the UNSC turned down every complaint but adopted a "resolution" banning the DPRK from taking steps for self-defence for no reason in the light of international law, imposing stricter sanctions upon it.
    The UN Secretariat, too, gives no response to the proposal made by the DPRK to hold a forum of international lawyers to clarify the legal ground of the UNSC "resolutions."
    What is more serious is the fact that the UNSC has never taken issue with the nuclear threat being posed by its permanent member state to other country, the missile attack made by the member state on a non-nuclear state and the spy satellite and missile launches conducted by its "allies."
    The reality goes to clearly prove that the UNSC is the place where the "issue of global peace and security" is settled in the interests of its permanent member states holding veto power, not by yardstick of justice.
    The U.S., therefore, is not morally entitled to force the UN member states to carry out the ill-intended "resolution" and the UN member states have no moral obligation to abide by such unfair "resolution."
    It is a wild dream for the U.S. to think of depriving the DPRK of its nuclear deterrent through military threat and sanctions. It is just like sweeping the sea with a broom.
    In case a war breaks out on the Korean peninsula, the U.S. will be held wholly accountable for causing troubles after bringing lots of strategic assets and special warfare means, not content with persisting in hostile policy toward the DPRK, no matter who will launch a preemptive strike.
    The UNSC that has toed the U.S. line will never be able to evade its responsibility, either. -0-

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

We Will Wipe out Aggressors: Spokesman for Agricultural Workers' Union of Korea

  Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Central Committee of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea released a statement on Tuesday to evince their will to wipe out the aggressors to the last one.
    Terming the reckless military maneuvers and sanctions racket of the U.S. and the south Korean puppet forces a military provocation to seriously harass peace on the Korean peninsula and in the region and extremely strain the situation and an open declaration to ignite a nuclear war on this land at any cost, the statement said:
    It is the will of the service personnel and people of the DPRK to stage a death-defying resistance to wipe out the aggressors and provocateurs by reacting to their total war with an all-out war and their nuclear war with Korean-style nuclear strikes of annihilation. It is also their resolution to surely win a victory.
    Once an order is issued, the agricultural workers of the DPRK will tightly hold the arms for annihilating the enemy and make a clean sweep of the warlike U.S. imperialist and the south Korean puppet forces to throw them into an abyss of ruin.
    The U.S. imperialists and the south Korean warmongers should not run riot, being mindful that their foolhardy intrusion into this land being devotedly guarded by the agricultural workers of the DPRK together with the invincible revolutionary Paektusan army with the arms of Songun will lead them to the final doom. -0-

KCNA Commentary Denounces S. Korean Authorities for Overlooking U.S. Biochemical War Plan

 Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- The south Korean puppet authorities are overlooking the U.S. implementation of its plan for a biochemical war.
    These days the U.S. forces in south Korea announced that they brought experimental equipment for Jupiter Plan, a plan for a biochemical war against the north, to the U.S. military base in Pusan Port.
    The U.S. criminal scenario to turn south Korea into a testing ground for its biochemical war and bring horrible disaster to the Korean nation is sparking off the bitterest anger of all Koreans.
    The Jupiter Plan pushed forward by the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces is an extremely dangerous war scenario the keynote of which is to massively use biochemical weapons in the future war against the DPRK.
    During the last Korean War, the U.S. imperialists indiscriminately massacred Korean people by using germ and chemical weapons although their use is banned internationally. The brutal killings and their terrible consequences are making all Koreans tremble with rage even now.
    The U.S. imperialists dropped germ-bombs over 700 times on more than 400 different places from late January to late March in 1952. Owing to the brutal germ and chemical warfare, more than 50 000 people lost their lives in the northern half of Korea alone.
    However, the south Korean servants of devils actively align themselves with the brigandish U.S. moves to unhesitatingly exterminate the Korean nation to realize its ambition for world domination, far from protesting it.
    As made public already, there are more than 15 kinds of germs such as pest and botulinus to be used for the Jupiter Plan. In 2015 alone, the U.S. introduced active anthrax germs called "white powder of horror" 16 times into the U.S. military bases in south Korea to conduct germ weapon tests.
    Nevertheless, the Park Geun Hye group of traitors shielded the criminal act of the U.S., saying that the anthrax germs introduction was a "mere mistake" and that "it is hard to term it a violation of the rules of the Status of Forces Agreement."
    They even claimed "it was a self-defensive act to cope with anthrax germ attack from the north." Not content with this, they asked the U.S. to update the Jupiter Plan, stunning the public.
    The south Korean puppet group can never escape the severe punishment by history as they are frantic in the moves to exterminate the nation, after leaving the country as a testing ground for the U.S. nuclear and biochemical war, being hell-bent on escalating confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north.
    South Koreans from all walks of life and all other Koreans should never allow the pro-U.S. conservative group's such moves. -0-

U.S.-led International Pressure Can Never Work on DPRK: Foreign Ministry Spokesman

 Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK gave the following answer to the question raised by KCNA Tuesday as regards the fact that the U.S. is working hard to stoke the international atmosphere for pressurizing the DPRK:
    Recently, the U.S. is seeking to gain public support at home and abroad for a newly worked out policy called "maximum pressure and engagement" in a bid to isolate and stifle the DPRK.
    U.S. President Trump personally invited the delegates of the member states of the UN Security Council to the White House to discuss the issue of the DPRK. A closed-door briefing on the new policy toward the DPRK will be reportedly held in the White House for the senators in the presence of high-ranking officials including the State and Defense secretaries. Against this backdrop, the U.S. secretary of State is going to sponsor a ministerial meeting concerning the denuclearization of the DPRK at the UN Security Council.
    This is just a risky act little short of lighting the fuse of a total war under the present touch-and-go situation on the Korean peninsula as they openly cried out for ratcheting up pressure on the DPRK.
    The policy pursued by the U.S. to isolate and stifle the DPRK and the nuclear threat posed by the U.S. to the DPRK for more than half a century are the root cause of pushing the DPRK to have access to nukes.
    The Trump administration has gone so ridiculous and foolhardy to devise the policy characterized by the "maximum pressure and engagement" without any elementary sense about the reality, far from recognizing the changed strategic position of the DPRK and the thousand-fold retaliatory will of its service personnel and people.
    As the U.S. has unsheathed a dagger to stifle the DPRK at any cost, the DPRK will stand against it with a sword of justice and cut the windpipe of the U.S. imperialists by dint of the strong revolutionary forces with the nuclear force, an almighty treasured sword, as their pivot.
    The present reality helps the DPRK keenly realize once again that it was entirely just when it opted for bolstering the nuclear force both in quality and quantity under the uplifted banner of the great line of simultaneously developing the two fronts.
    There is a saying that those who are fond of playing with fire are destined to perish in the flames. The same can be said of the U.S. -0

Monday, 24 April 2017

Defend People's Korea against fascist Trump ! Statement of the ASSPUK, JISGE, UK KFA and UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu

                                      Image result for DPRK flag

London 25th  of April Juche 106(2017)
 The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) , the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu today issued the following joint statement concerning the increased threats against People's Korea by the Trump administration of Yankee imperialism :
 After returning from a most successful visit to People's Korea, the land of Juche , we have learnt of the insane warmongering of the fascistic and neo-nazi Trump administration that is directed against People's Korea. The US imperialists have dispatched an aircraft carrier strike group around the USS
Carl Vinson and a nuclear guided missile submarine has arrived in south Korea . On top of this Trump is planning more sanctions through the marionette UNSC as well as unilateral sanctions against People's Korea by the US. Trump is even trying to use certain sold-out and treacherous
revisionist big powers against the DPRK !
  Trumps threats against the DPRK are a disgusting example of a big power trying to bully a small country into submission with its strength. Visiting the DPRK our delegation concluded that Korea will indeed  be reunified under the leadership of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and that the US , Britain , UNSC and others need to accept this and not go to war as it will be a senseless waste of lives . In the past Britain sent troops to fight in the Korean war and also in Malaya, Cyprus, Yemen and northern Ireland , the deaths of British service people could have been avoided if they had stayed at home .
   People's Korea is a unique example of self-reliant development  based on the Juche idea . It socialist system serves the masses of people as it provides free housing , free education, free medical
care , free education, full employment , old age pensions and social insurance and no one has to paid
tax ! People's Korea is a totally independent country with its own strong national culture. It the
duty of all communists ,socialists, anti-imperialists and independence lovers to defend People's Korea
against threats from the fascist US imperialism , world imperialism and big power chauvinists !
  We Juche Idea , Songun Idea followers and staunch friends of People's Korea in the UK will do
all we can to increase our activities in support of the DPRK and call on the labour and progressive
movement in the UK to rally around People's Korea !

UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu